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"FANTASTIC. I am amazed and astounded at your results...you did in hours what I did not succeed in doing in years. To think I have been looking for about five years on and off, and you do it in a few days." I.S.


"Many thanks for the report. I am delighted with the results...this really is where the difference is between a professional and an amateur!" L.F.


"I can't thank you enough for the information you have given me just by looking at a few of the photos. I would love your opinion on the rest of the album. You seem to have taken more from those two pictures than I have from the entire album!" A.C.


"Many thanks for the report, etc. I am delighted with the results." S.D.


"Thank you very much. Nice research." J.W. (USA)


"You have proved to be such an efficient and thorough researcher, Clive, always presenting results, where available, in a comprehensive and professional way. Your research has enabled me to make significant progress with my family history and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service to others" N.P. (NSW Australia)

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